DeVry HRM 330 Final Exam Answers

DeVry HRM 330 Final Exam Answers

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DeVry HRM 330 Final Exam Answers


Explain the objectives of the employment relationship from the perspective of employers, employees, and society. Give at least one example of how these perspectives may conflict.


How has intense global competition affected the American labor movement?


What is the difference between mandatory, permissive, and illegal bargaining items? Give examples of each.


In what ways have unions been both a positive and negative force in society?


What kinds of tactics may be used by an employer in a union organizing campaign? In your response, identify which tactics are legal and illegal


Describe the seven tests of just cause. How do these tests protect the rights of employees?


In general, what are the advantages and disadvantages to immigration as a component of globalization? How does immigration impact the labor market?

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