LEG500 Final Exam Leg 500

LEG500 Final Exam Leg 500

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• Question 1

Under the ___________ plan, the EPA auctions a set number of sulfur dioxide emission allowances annually, with each allowance permitting one ton of emissions.

• Question 2

Shareholder activism includes which of the following?

• Question 3

Eminent domain permits the “taking” of private property by the government under the following circumstances.

• Question 4

Environmental Justice refers to

• Question 5

When environmentalists recognized that politicians were not going to pass stricter legislation and regulations, they changed their tactics to force change. According to the Layzer article in the chapter, these new tactics included:
I. Eco-terrorism – bombing pipelines and factories.
II. Collaboration with businesses – create partnerships to improve environmental impacts.
III. Public relations campaigns – go public with their accusations and encourage consumers to demand change.
IV. Work internally through shareholders to try to change corporate disclosures

• Question 6

Which of the following “developing countries” were exempted by the Kyoto Treaty from following the initial emissions reductions standards?

• Question 7

The “dependence effect” is based on which proposition.

• Question 8

The original intent of brand expansion is to

• Question 9

The American Association of Advertising Agencies as agreed to a code that contains the following prohibitions in advertising.

• Question 10

According to the FTC, deceptive advertising claims are:

• Question 11

In the case of IMS Health, Inc., et al v. Kelly Ayotte, Attorney General of New Hampshire, Judge Selya argues that

• Question 12

According to the text, the rise in childhood obesity has been linked which of the following items:

• Question 13

The Ford Pinto exploded when rear-ended by another vehicle. Of the types of defects a product may have, the Pinto suffered from

• Question 14

The UCC controls contracts that:

• Question 15

Section 402A of the Restatement of Torts (Second) states, in part, which of the following:

• Question 16

Compensatory damages are:

• Question 17

The court’s ruling in Wyeth v Levin explains how:

• Question 18

Which of the following agencies focuses on consumer protection and safety issues?

• Question 19

Once the copyright on a work has expired,

• Question 20

If an author owns a copyright to a non-fiction essay, then publishes that essay in an anthology of similar essays published by a major publishing company, the rights involved in this relationship would be referred to as ______.

• Question 21

Sony BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum is important to the determination of:

• Question 22

Parodies are protected under what type of intellectual property law?

• Question 23

Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Eric Corley examines which piece of intellectual property legislation.

• Question 24

Which if the following can be patentable

• Question 25

Which section of the Constitution empowered Congress with the ability to pass Legislation to protect intellectual property rights?

LEG500 Final Exam Leg 500


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